Raider Recruitment Closed – Waiting list in Operation*

Last night marked 2 weeks until the launch for Battle for Azeroth, and I am happy to announce that raider recruitment is now closed.

I am immensely proud of how the guild is doing now. We have successfully taken in a large number of people from other guilds and integration has been smooth, and our wonderful open atmosphere prevails.

This shows how guilds should be run, and a huge credit should go to Lariel and Zpike for overseeing this transitional time and also to every member of the guild, both old and new for approaching this phase with mutual respect and a willingness to integrate.

I feel that we are approaching Battle for Azeroth, stronger than ever, and I for one, cannot wait to enjoy the fun times ahead.

Prepare for the cheese…


Here it comes…




Waiting list* I am keeping a small list of applicants on a waiting list, however they are fully aware that there is no immediate chance of a trial (barring unforseen losses to the guild) and they have been encouraged to apply to other guilds rather than sit around and wait. I have kept details handy and will be in touch if any roles open up. 


Social Applicants:

We are still welcoming social applicants who would like to join a guild that is an active and non-toxic environment.

While we don’t actively organise social activities, opportunities may arise to join the raiders with things like Mythic + and sometimes Normal and Heroic runs (bear in mind our raiding roster is huge right now, and N/HC run spots are not guaranteed).

Socials are welcome to organise their own events too.  Our requirements are that you are at least 21+ and can behave in a mature, friendly and respectful manner to all guild members.

This sort of social position is particularly suited to former raiders who are no longer able to actively raid due to IRL circumstances (new job/kids etc), but like to keep in touch with the latest content in the game.