Not one, not two, but three expansion announcements…

Any WoW expansion announcement is an exciting time. Where will be spending the next two years??

So when they roll out Chris Metzen, Mr Hype Man, himself, you can dial that hype-ometer up to ‘ludicrous’ and then sit back and feel him toy with your emotions for a solid few minutes before revealing your future.

mythic jailer

The War Within, Midnight and The Last Titan

At first when he said ‘back to the old world’ my mind immediately went to Warcraft Chronicle and when Azeroth had a Pangea like landmass instead of separate continents – and this was further reinforced when he talked about the scattered elven tribes.  So in essence, I thought he meant go back in time. The War within my mind at that point, swung a hard left to Warlords of Draenor – and how the lore nerds were up in arms…

However it’s also possible to assume that he meant reunite the elven tribes as they currently are, Kal’dorei (Night Elves), Quel’dorei (High Elves), Sin’dorei (Blood Elves), Shal’dorei (Nightborne) and the Ren’dorei (Void Elves). Therefor, when he says ‘Old World’ he is referring specifically to Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms.  This would account for the various leaked pieces of updated buildings we’ve seen that will fit this narrative.

In ‘Midnight’ we’re off to rebuild Quel’thalas as it once was, so we’re going to be defending the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms from a Void themed invasion.

If you’ve read the book ‘Sylvanas‘ by Christie Golden you’ll have a great mental picture of what it used to look like.

Personally, I hope that this won’t be anything like the void incursions we were forced to grind weekly during Battle for Azeroth. Anyhow, we first have The War Within to contend with.

First we’re off to spend 2 years underground during ‘The War Within‘. Now I’m not one to be cynical, and WoW has come a very long way from Deepholm. But I can’t help but hope that the first coming expansion feels absolutely nothing like The Maw (from Shadowlands) or Korthia, otherwise I’m going to be looking something like this, come the end of this first chapter of the “World Soul Saga”…what are your thoughts?