Dabble (Kibble) – Guardian Druid

Vadomar – Holy Paladin

Brewski – Mistweaver Monk

Rosaedor – Discipline Priest

Zas – Assassination Rogue



Elements by Max-Music

No time for caution by Hans Zimmer

Strength to Believe by Epic Score

Gravity by Steven Price



Video and Sound Editing, Footage and Rendering by Zas

Intro, Additional boss footage, YT thumbnail, music curation and boss kill shot editing by Artenesse.


Message from Lariel the Guildmaster

This expansion, we consistently improved from tier to tier, raid to raid, thanks to everyone involved, from raiders through raidleading to management. I feel proud of what we accomplished which led us to this moment. You all should feel proud as well, because every single one of you contributed to our success.