Featured Guildie Zas

1. Please take a screenshot of your character in your favourite transmog and send it along with this message. 

2. What is your main chars name/class/favourite spec?

Zasmage, mage… duh, fire is favourite spec (Ness says: He totally changed to frost a couple of days after he sent me this)

3. When did you first start playing WoW?

I have started playing a few times never really getting into it, first time I hit max level was the end of MoP didn’t really do much after capping. Then quit until around January before Legion came out at the end of Warlords of Draenor, I capped a Retribution Paladin and started doing PvP, but after getting tired of just doing random battlegrounds I decided to try out raiding by signing up for LFR. Somehow I wasn’t scared away instantly which is a miracle. Got hooked on raiding, decided to see if I could get into a guild to do actual raiding, got picked up by a guild on Emerald Dream called Theta Nu Theta and it’s all history from there.

4. What was the first character you ever created?

My first ever character was a blood elf priest, didn’t play it for that long so i started playing a human mage (the mage I’m playing today).

5. What is your favourite zone in the game?

Hard to say, any zone i saw for the first time when i started playing was absolutely crazy to me. One zone that stood out to me was Nagrand, saw the Warlords Nagrand before i saw the Outland one, so must be that one.

Warlords Nagrand (this is TBC pictured but y’all get the picture)
6. If your current favourite class didn’t exist, what would your main be?

No kidding I don’t really have a favourite class in Battle for Azeroth, I think the class design is lacking massively. In Legion I had tons of alts and liked playing most of them. If I was to play something else besides mage it would probably be Assassination Rogue or Retribution Paladin.

7. Name a player that you admire, and why (you don’t have to know them personally)

I’ll name three.

  1. My good friend Brad (Tanjar in-game name). He is the one that got me in to the game, i have known him for about 6-7 years now, he taught me a lot about the game, and somehow had the patience to sit through and teach me how to open my bags and use the heirlooms he gave me. It’s very hard to understand how to do something like that okay, i also had to equip bags.
  2. Sarity, his ability to squeeze out as much dps as possible from whatever class you put him on. Give the guy a month and a character and he will do great damage. It’s the small things he does to minmax that i can aspire to be like as a DPS.
  3. My Co-tank for a big part of Legion, Ragge. He taught me a ton about tanking and helped me grow as a tank, understand what it meant to be a tank and helped me a great deal in improving at the game.

8. Tell us about an amazing experience you had in-game.

Getting first real cutting edge on Guldan. (Got Xavius CE but 5 pulls to kill an end boss hardly counts as a big achievement). The adrenaline rush when the boss was getting low, the raised heartbeat and throat closing. And then the screams on Discord when the boss died and that glorious achievement popped up on the screen.

9. Any favourite movies or music you want to share?

Movie: Avengers Endgame. Easy.

Music: Top 3 artists, Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Lukas Graham

10. After WoW, which other game, have you invested a significant amount of time in?

After WoW, which other game, have you invested a significant amount of time in?

I probably shouldn’t include hours played but whatever, I’m committed to being a nerd.
Around 3k hours of Diablo 3, 1k hours of CS:GO, 700 hours of Path of Exile, 200 hours of Rocket League, and way too many fucking hours of Fifa between Fifa 07 to Fifa 14

Diablo III
Path of Exile
Rocket League