Emerald Dream – Terenas (EU) – Alliance



Discord comms

We use discord for comms and for keeping in touch throughout the day.

friendly community

The guild and its members strives to have a pleasant, open atmosphere, coupled with good raid progression. .

Good Tactics

The guild researches tactics and strives to execute them well.  Mistakes happen, they’re fixed and we try again, with good attitudes.

fair loot policy

Loot is decided by loot council (using RC Lootcouncil) in a fair and equitable manner.

Our Story

Exiles has been in existence since closed beta and in the 13+ years since then.  Thanks to the friendship and loyalty of a strong core of players, the guild is currently stronger than ever before.

Wednesday from 20:30 to 23:00 (optional Heroic/socials welcome)

Thursday from 20:30 to 23:00

Monday from 20:30 to 23:00

We will occasionally extend the raid for a short period of time when we feel we can get that final kill of the evening.

“Last try guys”

  • A stable raiding environment – we have been around for a decade with the same leadership for several years, we won’t fall apart overnight.
  • A guild that is constantly striving to improve both as a team and individually, while still maintaining an atmosphere where people feel safe enough to ask for help.
  • A relaxed raiding atmosphere with mature players – majority of our members are 30+ years of age! We do however have younger players.
  • A guild which gives 100% on any encounter we face and shares the same enjoyment of tackling difficult encounters.
  • A fun and friendly guild.
  • To arrive on time for raids if you sign up.
  • For gear to be enchanted/gemmed and for you to be prepared with all consumables for the night ahead.
  • We expect that everyone reads up on new encounters before the raid and understands their specific role in any given fight.
  • We use Discord for communications, you have the right to remain silent but will need to listen in.
  • Willing to integrate with our community, we firmly believe that enjoying the people you play with is the key to a stable core. As such those who interact with Exiles usually gain lasting bonds.
  • What we do not tolerate: Whinging over loot. Whining about being asked to sit-out on a rotational basis.

Guild Administration



Guildmaster - Mage




Raidleader - Paladin


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