Well, Mythic Mekkatorque progress…continues…

One of the raid mechanics will throw a raider into the air and if they fall without using any kind of mitigation, it results in certain death.

Some classes can prevent fall damage:

(Yes I know there are a couple more depending on what specs are being played but I figured ten examples was enough ok!?)

Demon Hunters: Glide

Druids: Wild Charge

Hunters: Disengage 

Mages: Slow Fall

Monks: Transcendence

Paladins: Divine Shield

Priests: Levitate

Rogues: Shadowstep

Warlocks: Demonic Circle

Warriors: Heroic Leap 

You’ll notice that Shaman and Death Knight are conspicuously absent from this list…

Our own Elemental Shaman (Xythe) relies on the kindness of Mages or Priests to either Slow Fall or Leap of Faith him to safety.

Naturally, this leads to some rather panicky sounding moments…

Xythe actually made a phone ring tone out of it, in which he can be heard calling, “Save Xythe!” Also, during which you can hear Liwynn (resto druid) telling him, “It’s your fault.”

Seriously Xythe – best meme ever!

Of course, with this being MYTHIC Mekkatorque, there are other mechanics which also result in instant-resets which have also become something of a meme…

Thank you everyone for your contributions to this, particularly Mith, Panlick, Catrix, Xythe and Morty.