We have recently welcomed several great new players to the guild. The roster is certainly looking fantastic right now.

A warm welcome to raider apps Rosaedor, Seii, Mattildaa, Vierell, Xythe, Panlick, Pitzi, Iseru, Cornflakes and Stripples.

In addition to the new arrivals, we also happily welcome back Zpike and Crystalsoul from their adventures elsewhere.  It just goes to show that you can check out of Exiles, but you can never leave. (in the totally non creepy way of course).

We also welcomed a large number of social players, Holydevil, Donthewhale, Kaliro, Murderhorn, Fellon, Aris, Deathcam, Healsgoodman and Tordenvaer (if I’ve forgotten anyone, it’s unintentional and please let me know) and it’s fantastic to see the number of members online, at this end of the expansion. This is a wonderful situation to be in, and bodes well for Battle for Azeroth. Fun times ahead folks!

Having bolstered our ranks, we have taken down 3 new bosses in the last two weeks! That’s 3 new bosses, and nobody remembered to screenshot. Feels typical man. This has moved us to 8th position on the server, and I’m sure we’ll be moving up at a more steady pace now.

Outside of raiding, there is still plenty to do as we wait for the pre-patch for BFA… here are some (somewhat sarcastic) ideas of things to keep you busy…