mythic eye of the jailer

Mythic Eye of the Jailer 2/10

22nd of July 2021!

Mythic Eye of the Jailer is the second boss in the Sanctum of Domination, the raid for Patch 9.1 (Chains of Domination) of the Shadowlands Expansion in World of Warcraft.

You can view the Mythic Eye of the Jailer Holy Paladin PoV here.

Personally I had my misgivings about yet another WoW boss with jumpy-grippy mechanics after the sheet show of Sire Denathrius – but even on mythic, here they are only a minor inconvenience, compared to being yeeted here, there and everywhere as before.

As always the ‘pool dropping’ mechanic is a wonderful opportunity for your raid team to praise each other on their excellent and thoughtful placement each try…

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