Exiles has existed since, well forever in terms of MMORPGs – having been founded during WoW’s closed beta. As such we have grown to become a gaming community. Although our most active roots are in World of Warcraft, we also have presences in other MMORPGs such as Guild Wars 2 and Final Fantasy XIV.

Here’s some scenery from Dom (the view from Camp Cloudtop) who has been playing quite a bit of FFXIV on the side.

…and here he is popping his cd’s on his Dragoon – pretty cool animations, though as the filename suggests “totallynothanzo” – yeah it looks familiar!

Here’s Morty’s Bard who SURPRISE is wielding a bow and arrow. (You can take the BM Hunter out of WoW…)

So yeah, we’re not just a one-trick MMO pony – and regardless of your favourite MMO, you’ll more than likely find like-minded nerds to run content with you, so let us know if you’re looking for a new gaming community to spend time in.

As far as WoW recruiting goes, we may be able to open one or two trial slots for ranged dps – heading for 8.2 while steady progress on Mythic Jaina continues…