Monday News Update time! We are Recruiting!

UPDATE: As of MAY 2018 we are NO LONGER RECRUITING RAIDERS FOR MYTHIC however social members are welcome.

This week we welcomed Freud and Brie to the guild! They are a very welcome addition to our roster.

It has become apparent that due to people taking breaks, and needing time off for IRL, that we are going to need more dps, if we are to continue progressing Mythic, which is something that is very important to our members, myself included. So we are recruiting!

Please could I ask all of you, to spread the word.

Scour your friends-lists and see if you can find at least one person to contact, and see if they are interested in raiding/coming back to the game etc.

Since we seem fine for tanks and healers, our focus is on recruiting DPS. Regardless of whether they are melee or ranged, we can make it work.

Wish List:

  • Retribution Paladin
  • Enhancement/Elemental Shaman
  • Warlock (more is fine!)
  • Hunter (yes more!)
  • Rogue (more!)
  • Shadow Priest

But let me stress once again – the most important things are that they are reliable, skilled enough to do heroic (we have the technology to build them into Mythic raiders), and that they fit into our ‘relaxed, but focused’ mindset.

ANY class will be considered. 

I have listed a post on the Guild-Recruitment EU forum, on MMO-Champion. You can see it by clicking the image below…


Lastly, this week Afcaedes (Kisanth) is away, and Lariel is away for a week starting Saturday 24th March. Rest assured things will continue as normal, so please sign for raids, and let’s get this show on the road!

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