Meet Featured Guildie Mith

1. Please take a screenshot of your character in your favourite transmog and send it along with this message. 

[wowpi_character name=”Mith” show=”gear”]

2. What is your main chars name/class/favourite spec?

Mith, the prettiest Pandaren female Brewmaster Monk in the guild.

3. When did you first start playing WoW?

I started playing when I was 19, back in 2006. Feels like literal ages ago. (Ness says: Dude, it IS literal ages ago.)

4. What was the first character you ever created?

The first character I ever created was a male Gnome Mage named Albus, but the first character I got past level 30 was Mithrondil, my Druid.

5. What is your favourite zone in the game?

That’s a tough one, I’m torn between a combination of Jade Forest/Valley of the Four Winds and TBC Nagrand. And since I’m overcomplicating it anyway, let’s add the Howling Fjord/Grizzly Hills music, gets me every time.

Jade Forest

Valley of the Four Winds

TBC Nagrand

Howling Fjord

Grizzly Hills

6. If your current favourite class didn’t exist, what would your main be?

I’d like to think I’d still be playing my Druid as Feral, maybe Guardian.

7. Name a player that you admire, and why (you don’t have to know them personally)

I can’t really say I admire anyone throwing their life away on this game in the same way I have and still am 😛

8. Tell us about an amazing experience you had in game.

There have been a lot of great moments in the past 12 years, in raids as well as during random other stuff, but nothing can beat seeing and exploring the world for the first time.

9. Any favourite movies or music you want to share?

Can’t go wrong with that 80’s Pop/Rock. Love me some Toto or Hall & Oates.

10. After WoW, which other game, have you invested a significant amount of time in?

There’s a couple games I tend to weave in between WoW binge periods, usually Grand Theft Auto V (Online mostly), Minecraft and Overwatch.

Grand Theft Auto V




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