(Ness says: This image is also a prime example of what happens when Elemental Shaman have an attack of flatulence)

Meet Featured Guildie XYTHE

[wowpi_character name=”Xythe”  server=”Terenas” show=”gear”]

Featured Guildie Xythe is our focus today.

Here’s his Armory Link…

1. Please take a screenshot of your character in your favourite transmog.

(see above)

2. What is your main chars name/class/favourite spec?

Xythe, Elemental Shaman

3. When did you first start playing WoW?

I started playing wow just after Beta when my friend told me it was Runescape but better.

4. What was the first character you ever created?

I started out as a Hunter called Hagridm, I still have that character to this day, but he’s a bit neglected as the hunter class fantasy changed my enjoyment of it dissipated.

5. What is your favourite zone in the game?

I really like the Crystalsong Forest and in stark contrast the Thousand Needles before the Cataclysm. (Ness adds: If anyone has a pre-cata screenie of Thousand Needles, please DM me on discord).

6. If your current favourite class didn’t exist, what would your main be?

Probably wouldn’t play the game to be honest, Shaman has recently been the only class i could attach myself too, it feels powerful and epic the pull lightning from the sky and blast you’re enemies with a mixture of elements. They feel like a bit of jack of all trades and i like that feeling. No other class portrays it like Shaman.

7. Name a player that you admire, and why (you don’t have to know them personally)

Through my time in WoW i have met and admired many players. My good friend Sunbrees, Velka are certainly some of the standouts. Both became very goods friends of mine and Sunbrees especially in real life too as I go out to Belgium quite often to see him 🙂

8. Tell us about an amazing experience you had in game.

One of the best experiences for me was doing my first Heroic boss in Cata (Mythic level now) with a guild of friends we had at the time that we ran called Tears of the Dragon. Nothing felt better than all the hard work we put in paying off and seeing Ultraxion fall!

9. Any favourite movies or music you want to share?

My favourite movie is Captain America : The Winter Soldier. I am a massive Captain America fan and think he is one of the most down to earth Heroes in the MCU. The film itself is probably the best one in the MCU as a very cool Spy action thriller.

Music wise i don’t have any real preference and can listen too and enjoy almost all genres 🙂

10. After WoW, which other game, have you invested a significant amount of time in?

League of Legends, Football Manager, Civilization 5/6, Rocket League, Slay the Spire and Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

11. OPTIONAL! Send me a pic of your current set up.

12 OPTIONAL: Any social media handles you want me to add? Twitter? Facebook? Twitch?


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