Featured Guildie Ilovemana

1. Please take a screenshot of your character in your favourite transmog and send it along with this message. 

Also known as Ilovemana, Legend of Pandaria
Level 120 Pandaren Shaman

2. What is your main chars name/class/favourite spec?

Ele/enhance shaman I just love the spinning-plates style of play and that you can never master the class even after almost 8 years of playing it (p.s. above screenshot was sent before Ilovemana race-changed to a dwarf)

3. When did you first start playing WoW?

When did it start playing wow technically somewhere in 2008 but I played for like a month and then did not really get it/my parents did not want to pay for my subscription but when I really started playing was late Wrath I was horrible at the time but that is bygone days.

4. What was the first character you ever created?

My first char ever was an orc hunter but my IRL friend started playing on alliance on Emerald dream so I swapped over to there playing a paladin because I loved WoW Hobbs back then but later I made an alt called Ilovemana (my current main) and loved it ever since not that I don’t dabble in other classes now and then raided on a rogue in WoD for example but I always go back to my shammy.


5. What is your favourite zone in the game?

My favourite zone is Kun’lai Summit I just love the contrast between the bleak and depressing Sha-infested land and beautiful snowy peaks and architecture and if I had to pick a second-best its probably new Nagrand (WoD version) just love the giant open fields and if I had to choose an instance its most definitely Siege of Orgrimmar, just love the idea of raiding the enemy capital.

KunLai Summit

6. If your current favourite class didn’t exist, what would your main be?

If my shammy would not exist it would probably be warlock just love the theme of them and they generally have at least 2 fun specs.

7. Name a player that you admire, and why (you don’t have to know them personally)

I don’t really admire any player from the scene cause I never got really hard into mythic raiding but if I had to choose its probably an old friend of mine Ravz cause he got me into the game and taught me the ropes he sadly does not play anymore cause he has a family now and works from 9-5 🙁

8. Tell us about an amazing experience you had in game.

An amazing experience I had kinda hard the whole journey has been fun even with the ups and downs but I would have to say my first WOW moment has to be the wrath gate cinematic once I saw that I started looking up the lore of the game and really started getting immersed another great moment is when I first walked into Stormwind and saw the hundreds of players its kind of numbing now and normal but it was quite a surprise seeing such a full city of people.

9. Any favourite movies or music you want to share?

Anything Hans Zimmer music-wise, favorite moves anything from Quintin Tarantino.

10. After WoW, which other game, have you invested a significant amount of time in?

Basically any strategy game e.g. Starcraft, Civ 1 through 6, Age of empires 1-3 ofc and MOBA’s like Dota 2 / League of Legends. I do dabble in shooters but mainly play them with friends.


Age of Empires

Age of Empires II

Age of Empires III

Civilization III

Civilization IV

Civilization V

Civilization VI

Dota 2

League of Legends