Meet Featured Guildie Moonfighter

Also known as Trashmaster Moonfighter
Level 120 Night Elf Hunter

Moonfighter is our Featured Guildie Today!

Moonfighter’s Armory Link

1. Please take a screenshot of your character in your favourite transmog and send it along with this message.

See above.

2. What is your main chars name/class/favourite spec?

Moonfighter, BM hunter <3

3. When did you first start playing WoW?

Late 2012

4. What was the first character you ever created?

Gnome warrior LMAO

5. What is your favourite zone in the game?

Grizzly Hills, forests, mountains ahhhh



6. If your current favourite class didn’t exist, what would your main be?


7. Name a player that you admire, and why (you don’t have to know them personally)

Nexro, a guy that got me into WoW, he was also a hunter, and taught me how to hunt, even though we live in same country, I never had a chance to meet him personally, but he was my best friend for along period of time. Sadly he is unable to play anymore, and I feel very empty because of that, even named my pet after him, so I could at least see his nickname in game to this time. He was like an older brother to me, helped me in many situations, including those from real life aswell, miss him so much.

8. Tell us about an amazing experience you had in game.

Game has definitely changed my life, I met so many people in WoW, made so many friends, having those little talks about anything, this game fulfills me and made me who I am now.

9. Any favourite movies or music you want to share?

Yes please, my favorite is by far Inception, and of course Lord of The Rings, Hobbit, Harry Potter

10. After WoW, which other game, have you invested a significant amount of time in?

Over 3k hours in Counter-Strike and League of Legends 😀


11. OPTIONAL! Send me a pic of your current set up (don’t worry about tidying up if you don’t want to).

12 OPTIONAL: Any social media handles you want me to add? Twitter? Facebook? Twitch?



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